Migration to University Email

Migration of the department email service to the University email service is underway.

The new email address is from now on the official one for all institutional and administrative communications by the University. This address is typically of the kind nome.cognome@unipi.it or nome.cognome@di.unipi.it.

The current addresses @di.unipi.it will be preserved.
Starting from 11/06/2014, all mail addressed to these addresses will be delivered to the corrisponding University mailbox.

The University mailboxes are already accessible, either through web or through the usual mail clients.

It is enough to configure the mail client according to the following instructions.

Web Client (webmail)

URL: https://webmail.unipi.it/
Username/Password: credenziali di ateneo (es. a00….)

Sender: if you wish that messages be sent from the old address @di.unipi.it, access the URL above, select Settings, open tab Identies, select the identity on the left, set field Email to address @di.unipi.it and then Save.
Alternatively, one can create a second identity for which to set the old address.

Optional: after accessing, using the button Settings, in the tab Filters one can set a forward to another mail address.
Warning: In case of forwarding, a copy of each message will remain in the University mailbox, hence each user should take care of accessing periodically his/her mailbox to delete messages, to avoid the risk of overfilling it.

Attention: who has set a forwarding to @di.unipi.it should remove it, to avoid cycles.

Mail Client

(Mail reader o Mail User Agent, eg. OutLook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, pine).

Informations to be supplied for creating a mail account:
User Information:

Username: your login-name from credenziali di Ateneo (es. a00…)
Your name: your First and Last Name

E-mail address:

One can provide alternatively:

  • your current address account@di.unipi.it, in order to keep sending and receiving mail at your current address
  • new University address: nome.cognome@unipi.it

Server Information:

Account Type: IMAP o POP
Incoming mail server: mailbox.unipi.it
Connection security: TLS/starttls, SSL/pops on port 995, or SSL/imaps on port 993
Outgoing mail server: smtp.unipi.it
Connection security: TLS/starttls on ports 587 o 25, or SSL/smtps on port 465
Autentication: credenziali di Ateneo

Who uses as default outging server smtp.di.unipi.it should replace it with smtp.unipi.it.

Mail clients use different user interfaces: if necessary refer to their user guides.
On this page one can find step by step guides for the most common clients.

Further informations on the University mail service can be found here.


All mail messages present on the department mail server (mails11.di.unipi.it) at the time of migration will be automativcally transferred to the University mailboxes.

The current folder organization will be preserved sarà mantenuta, but to avoid conflicts, they will be moved in the subfolder “DI-MIGRAZIONE”. Messages in this folder are visibile trough clients using the IMAP protocol.

User Filters and Forwards at the @di.unipi.it mailserver will not be transferred.

It may happen that for about one hour after the server switch – the most recent messages received on the @di.unipi.it server will not be available on the new server..

In any case, the current mail repository will remain accessible (even if no new mail will get there) for at least one month after the migration.

On 11/06/2014, after completion of the migration phase, there will a be a switch between the two mail servers. All emails sent to addresses @di.unipi.it will be delivered to the University server.
In other words, the University mailbox will receive messages addressed to both the old and new addresses.


1) What if I currently use webmail (squirrelmail)?

On the University webmail service (https://webmail.unipi.it/ ), you will find on all the messages that were on the department server at the time of the migration, arranged exactly in the same way. In order to avoid conflicts, the old mail moved from the old server will appear in a “DI-MIGRAZIONE” subfolder.

2) What about Eudora?

The latest release of Eudora dates on 2006 and is no longer supported. The new version is based on Thunderbird and can be found here. It is strongly suggested to update at this version or to switch to another client currently supported.

3) What if I already have a University mailbox?

Make sure that your mail client is set to the University account as mentioned above.
Remove the forward to the address @di.unipi.it before Wednesday 11 June to avoid a cycle..

4) I can’t make it myself (although I tried hard), I need help.

You can ask assistance to help.polo2@sid.unipi.it. In particular, on the morning of June 9th there will be a technical assistance walking around the corridor. Should you need that, just come then and bring all your email devices.

5) I am registered to some mailling lists with my old address, my messages will be accepted?

In order for new messages to be sent from the old address, one needs to configure the Client and the Webmail interface as explained above.