Welcome Kit

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pisa (UniPi)!

This page is meant to group all the relevant information for the new staff to kick-start their work in the Department. Feel free to reach out to the key contact persons listed below in case of any issue and send an e-mail to Vincenzo Lomonaco if you have some suggestions on how to improve this webpage.

Department Institutions

The main institutions regulating the Department activities are the Director of the Department (Prof. Vincenzo Ambriola), the Vice-Director of the Department (Prof. Maria Grazia Scutellà), the Departmental “Giunta” and the Department Council. You can understand more about those in the “Istitutions” webpage and refer to Prof. Vincenzo Ambriola for further inquiries.

Key People

In this section we list all the key people you can contact depending on your needs:

  • Scientific Committee: Nadia Pisanti
  • Teacher-Student Joint Committee: Roberto Grossi
  • Didactic Coordination: Giuseppe Prencipe
  • Didactic Administration: Rosaria Mongini
  • Students Orientation Committee: Gianna Del Corso
  • Courses Timetable Committee: Luca Gemignani
  • Supervisor of IT services: Filippo Bonchi
  • International Affairs: Andrea Corradini
  • Teachers Training: Roberto Grossi
  • Placement: Paolo Milazzo
  • Disabilities Logistics and Support: Susanna Pelagatti
  • Gender Issues and Equal Opportunities: Laura Ricci
  • Quality Control: Anna Monreale
  • Research and Third Mission: Maria Grazia Scutellà
  • University Information System: Roberto Bruni
  • Communication: Daniele Mazzei
  • Doctoral Coordinator: Antonio Brogi
  • Administrative Head: Massimiliano Galli
  • Research Administration Head: Stefania Pasqualetti
  • Technical Administrative Head: Simona Pucciarelli
  • Missions Refunds: Ramona Serafini
  • Logistics: Luigi Capuano

More details about the Department administration can be found here.

Where We Are

Being physically present in the Department is recommended and often considered a big plus. You can refer to the links below for more information about the Department location and facilities.

Assistance and Services

The links below will offer you basic support in case of technical issue that may arise:

Your First Day

We expect for your “presa di servizio” (first working day) to visit our department and start your enrolling procedure. Please visit the reception desk at the main entrance of our department (see Department Map). You’ll be directed to the main administration offices to receive your office keys, badge, etc. If you are a research assistant / post-doc, please make sure to ask for a UNIPI email since for these positions it has to be specifically requested.


You can use the information below as the main Department contacts. The reception is open from 8am to 6pm. At the entrance you’ll have a mailbox where eventual mail will be filed.

Dipartimento di Informatica
Università di Pisa
Largo B. Pontecorvo, 3
56127 Pisa

Telefono: +39 050 2212700
Fax: +39 050 2212726


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